Monday, 21 September 2015

Scleral Lens

 A Scleral lens, additionally referred to as a scleral lens, could be a large lens that rests on the albuginea and creates a tear-filled vault over the membrane. Scleral lens square measure designed to treat a range of eye conditions, several of that don't answer alternative types of treatment .Scleral lens supply sharp vision and luxury for dry eyes, irregular corneas or hard-to-fit eyes. they're terribly useful for keratoconus. notice the massive vary of sclera lens, coloured contacts, crazy Halloween lens and black full eye contact lenses from at the most effective costs.Large-diameter albugineal and semi-scleral doctor lens rest on the sclera and vault over the misshapen membrane of someone with astigmatism, for higher vision.

 Scleral lens styles presently offered square measure thought-about the most effective choice on the market to supply health benefits and increased comfort. These lens eliminate blurred and distorted vision, promote healing of the ocular surface and shield the membrane from the encompassing setting and eyelids

Examples of conditions treated with scleral lenses:

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